Welcome to Sunshine Events Group Lacrosse Tournaments! This page outlines the rules governing all our tournaments. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines before participating.

Game Structure

  • Game Length:
    • 20-minute running halves (Officials keep time)
    • 3-minute halftime
    • 7-minute break between games
  • Penalties: 1.5 times the infraction duration. Timeouts can be called during penalties. Penalty Time will Stop (Game Time Will Not Stop Unless 2 Minutes)
  • Mercy Rule: A 6-goal lead triggers the mercy rule for age groups below High School. The losing team chooses to receive the ball after a goal or initiate a face-off.
  • Timeouts: One 1-minute timeout per half.
  • Clock Stoppage: The game clock stops under 2 minutes remaining in a game with a goal differential of less than 2.


  • Pool Play Games: Braveheart format (2 field players and a goalie) for overtime. Goalie can cross midfield as long as one players stay on sides. No Timeouts, No Substitutions
  • Playoff Games: 4-minute sudden victory overtime with one timeout per team. If no winner emerges, Braveheart commences.
  • Championship Games: 10-minute sudden victory overtime with one timeout per team. Braveheart follows a scoreless overtime.

Tournament Participation

  • Guaranteed Games: Each team receives a minimum of four games.
  • Divisions: Based on US Lacrosse age guidelines (no age exemptions). This ensures fair competition across all levels.
  • Multi-Team Participation: Players can compete on multiple teams, but not in the same division. Switching teams for playoffs is prohibited. Tournament directors reserve the right to intervene if they suspect rule abuse.
  • Early Departure: Teams leaving the tournament early forfeit any remaining games and may be excluded from future Sunshine Events Group Tournaments unless both opponents agree to their departure.
  • Weather or Injury: The tournament reserves the right to shorten, extend, or cancel games due to inclement weather or injury.

Seeding and Tiebreakers

  • Playoff Format: Determined by the number of entries per division.
  • Seeding: Based on record, head-to-head record, goals against, then goal differential. Exceptions may apply in 3-way tiebreakers (see “Tie Breaker Explained” page for details).

Girls’ Division Rules

Rules for Different Age Groups

  • Middle School: Follows USA Lacrosse rules pertaining to U14 rules.
    • Transitional checking allowed: crosse must be within 12 inches of the shoulder and head area.
    • No Deputies permitted.
    • Middle School goalies must wear both thigh pads and shin guards.
  • High School:
    • High School goalies are required to wear thigh pads.

7v7 Games

  • Onside rule applies (2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie)
  • Penalty consequence: Offending player is substituted, and the opposing team gets a 3v2 fast break with trailing middies 5 yards behind.
  • Maximum lacrosse stick length: 54 inches (maximum 2 long poles)
  • Face-off after every goal, except under the mercy rule (receiving team gets the ball at midfield)
  • Goalies are mandatory.
  • Tied Games: 3v3 Braveheart (2 field players and a goalie) immediately following regulation. No substitutions allowed during Braveheart. Championship games go to 7v7 sudden death overtime with one timeout per team.

General Rules

  • Flagrant disrespect towards officials, players, or coaches may result in game or tournament ejection. This rule applies to spectators as well.
  • Spectators must remain outside designated team areas and off the field.
  • Please clean up your team bench area after each game.

Player Waivers

  • All players must submit a completed online waiver before participating. Access waivers through the “Waivers” tab.

We encourage fair play and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.


Sunshine events group.

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;

Satuday: 10am to 2pm