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Schedule FAQ's

This FAQ page addresses common questions regarding scheduling for Sunshine Events Group Lacrosse tournaments.

Schedule Availability

  • When will the final schedule be available?

We strive to release the schedule as early as possible, typically starting the Monday before the tournament. However, changes may occur until the day before due to various factors. We highly recommend checking your schedule regularly, including before each game. For the most up-to- date information, you can follow your team on the Tourney Machine app, which will notify you of schedule updates.

  • What are the typical game times?

Games are generally played between:

  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Scheduling Requests

  • How can I submit a scheduling request?

All scheduling requests must be submitted by a Team Administrator through the official Schedule Request form. This ensures your request is formally logged.

Considerations for Requests

  • Can you avoid scheduling conflicts for coaches with multiple teams?

While we cannot guarantee accommodation for coaching conflicts, we encourage teams to submit requests in advance. We will do our best to consider them within the scheduling constraints.

  • Can you schedule around personal events like graduations or religious ceremonies?

Unfortunately, due to the pre-determined tournament dates and large number of teams, accommodating individual player schedules may not be possible. It’s important to consider these potential conflicts before registering your team.

  • Can you prioritize later start times for traveling teams?

Travel distance is a factor considered during scheduling; however, securing accommodations remains the responsibility of participating teams.

  • How common are back-to-back games?

We prioritize minimizing back-to-back games, but due to the extensive number of games within limited playing hours, they may be unavoidable. Our goal is to optimize scheduling for efficient use of playing time rather than extending your team’s stay at the fields.

  • Can you change our team’s division after registration?

Division changes require notification well in advance (ideally more than 14 days before the tournament). Requests submitted closer to the event date may be denied.

  • Can you avoid scheduling us against a specific team?

This is a competitive tournament format. All teams will play various opponents throughout the event.

  • What happens if there is a long break between my team’s games?

Please inform us if you have an extended break. While schedule adjustments may not always be possible, we’ll try our best to accommodate your request. Consider using long breaks for team activities like lunch.

  • What happens if there’s a weather delay?

In case of weather delays, we will assess the situation and adjust the schedule accordingly. This may involve shortening or canceling games. Please visit the weather policy page for more information


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